torsdag, april 09, 2009

Illustration Friday

This week's topic is: talisman



Anonymous Anonym said...

your maneki neko look good. nice composition:michael dailey

09 april, 2009 03:15  
Blogger Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

love it..doesnt feel like college n that makes it interesting.

09 april, 2009 11:42  
Blogger Gregory Gunther said...

Cool. the cat statues. Good take on the Talisman theme.

09 april, 2009 15:19  
Blogger Joyce said...

Lovely lucky cat talismans. So fun!

09 april, 2009 17:10  
Anonymous Anonym said...

This is very cool. Nice work.

09 april, 2009 23:44  

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